Mr Coaster warranty

Mr Coaster warranty customer stisfaction for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase on all mechanical parts sold, unlimited kilometres.  If for any reason you are not satisfied within the terms and conditions of the warranty, return the part with your receipt for replacement part or your complete refund.

PETROL ENGINES:  Mr Coaster will, in addition to, the first 30 days warranty supply the customer with a good second hand replacement for any component of the long engine that may become faulty for a further five months (does not include rings, bearings, gaskets or oil seals)

DIESEL ENGINES:  In addition to the long motor, the injector pump is included in the 30 day warranty.

DIFFERENTIALS : Are guaranteed for an additional 60 days taking them to a total of 90 days.


Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the customer to use the correct oil and lubricants and to keep them at the correct level. Our guarantee does not cover any component that has broken down due to lack of oil or lubrication. All oil, fuel, air filters and hoses should be replaced.

Mr Coaster's warranty does not extend to damage done by a timing belt failure.  Timing belts should be checked before installation and replaced if necessary.

All guarantees and warranties are null and void if assemblies such as engines, gearboxes, diffs and electrical parts are dismantled.

Any labour costs are the customer's responsibility.  Mr Coaster does not pay for any fititng or refitting charges. Mr Coaster will not be responsible for any consequential damage or costs that may arise from the use of our parts.

We cannot warranty our electrical components if other sections of your electrical system are causing our component to prematurely deteriorate.

Parts will only be accepted back if they are in the same condition as sold.  

Freight can be arranged on behalf of the customer but goods are deemed to have left our possession and the customer deemed to have taken possession after the goods have left our premises or left our delivery driver's possession.  Any goods in transit are the customer's responsibility, including freight costs and insurance. Returns will only be accepted if returned to our premises, freight pre paid unless arrangements have been made with Mr Coaster at which time you will be directed which carrier and mode of transport shall be used.

Panels and interior parts are sold as inspected and will only be accepted back if the incorrect model has been sent.  In this case a full refund will be given if in the same condition as which they were sold.